Virus tracking maps and apps to help the fight against Corona

We have been featured in the local newspaper BNN about our recent research activity on the Corona virus spread in Germany and worldwide.
Translated from German into English by Bijan Khazai:

Virus tracking maps and apps to help the fight against Corona

The night was short for James Daniell. When everyone was asleep around him, the 36-year-old Australian started collecting data online. Shortly before 3 am the map of the current spread of corona virus in the southwest of Germany was finished.

James is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the start-up Risklayer, whose card the BNN exclusively offers to its readers. "My colleagues and I don't need a lot of sleep," says the geophysicist from Adelaide laughing. Daniell, who has lived in Karlsruhe for ten years then adds “There are more important things to do now than lying in bed anyway. With our Corona Tracking maps, we want to counter the spread of fake news about the pandemic and help as many decision-makers as possible to better assess the situation. ”

The Karlsruhe-based start-up advises the World Bank

James Daniell teaches geophysics and risk modeling at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Since Risklayer was founded in 2015, its seven-person multinational team has advised the World Bank, informed winegrowers worldwide about weather risks, provided the hotel industry with risk analytics and pragmatic tools towards disaster and climate resilient operations and and has helped urban planners make the urban infrastructure more crisis-proof. 

"When the Corona virus started to set foot here in Germany, there was no clear presentation of the distribution at the subnational level - that's why we started tracking," says Daniell. According to Daniell, Risklayer uses a total of around 5,000 Internet sources, including websites from districts, ministries, federal states and the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), some of which are read automatically and some by hand. “It's pretty quick now. We are still checking whether the numbers are correct, ”says Daniell. Risklayer distributes updated maps on Twitter.

Corona tracking is offered free of charge

The start-up does not make any money with its Corona-Tracking tool and hopes to be able to finance itself later with risk analytics for clients seeking its analytics services, for example operators of large hotel chains and wine producers worldwide – two sectors for which it is developing targeted tools. 

The original article can be found here (German).