Management Guidelines & Tools

We have developed interactive and participatory decision making tools and a scenario-based approach to risk management that reflect the specific needs of our clients. Scenario-based decision support is a powerful approach in identifying and prioritizing strategic actions and measures that most ensure our customers safety and improved resilience.
Our team re-focuses disaster planning and risk communication from assumptions to data-driven strategies to mitigate risk and consider social and economic vulnerabilities. Utilising cutting-edge technology, the modelling process calculates hazard impacts including structural damage, injuries, deaths, economic losses, evacuation and shelter demand, debris removal, food supplies and reconstruction. This information is then tailored to the needs of government and non-government agencies, disaster agencies, municipalities, insurance companies and corporations worldwide to better prepare for a disaster.
Our aim is to provide public and private-sector customers with reliable, holistic and transparent solutions that help them safeguard lives, property and future development investments.
Scenario disaster modelling is utilized in:

  • Desktop and field exercises
  • Disaster and emergency plan gap analysis
  • Comprehensive risk assessment management audits
  • Risk communication audits
  • Insurance analysis
  • Crisis management preparation, planning and response
  • Evacuation, shelter, food planning
  • Transport (land, sea and air)