PhD James Daniell, CEO

James is a John Monash Scholar. He is a geophysicist, geologist and engineer specialising in global stochastic and real-time risk modelling for insurance and governments; as well as global data analytics, exposure and socioeconomic models. He is at CEDIM and KIT as an advisor and researcher; and is a Senior Disaster Risk Analyst with the World Bank in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, South-East Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. Since 2010, he has co-managed the online reporting platform He holds a doctoral degree (Dr.-Ing) from KIT, a Masters in Earthquake Eng. and Eng. Seismology from UJF Grenoble and Univ. Pavia; an Honours in Civil/Structural Engineering and a BSc (Geology/Geophysics) from University of Adelaide.

Main Skills:

  • Hazard Modelling
  • Risk Modelling
  • Exposure Modelling
  • Catastrophe Data Analysis
  • Socio-Economic Estimation