Urban Risk

At Risklayer we understand how to develop monitoring and evaluation systems for urban risk. We have over 12 years of experience in developing disaster risk and resilience indicator systems globally.  We pioneered participatory processes and software tools for implementing indicator systems to support practitioners in decision making on disaster risk management for major cities around the world including Istanbul, Amman, Kathmandu, Mumbai, Metro Manila, Dhaka, Algiers and Dar es Salaam. We designed the Urban Disaster Risk Index (UDRI) and the Resilience Performance Scorecard (RPS) to help cities monitor, evaluate, and learn through the processes involved in mainstreaming disaster risk reduction and resilience in local governance systems. The UDRI and RPS unpack resilience in more operational terms and provided concrete guidance to cities in prioritizing their limited resources to address their weaknesses. Our methodology has since been used by others and cited in the peer-reviewed literature in multiple implementations in various urban settings including Lalitpur, Nepal, Quito, Equador; Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Nablus, Palestine. 

Risklayer has developed a dedicated web-based platform to make the implementation of the qualitative and quantitative urban risk indicators with a wide group of stakeholders easy. The web-based platform is developed as an interactive audit tool and dashboard designed to help with metric assessment, action planning, and DRM performance monitoring and includes the following features.

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