Tourism Risk

Travel Risk provides critical information on the dangers, risks, and safety of your next travel destination. Are you unsure of what areas of a city have historically high crime? Are you aware of current disease outbreaks? Do you need help understanding the safety alerts of newspapers? Are earthquakes or hurricanes potential risks you should worry about? These are all questions that have been asked of us over the last decade. Now we have created a platform to answer these questions and more. Travel Risk uses powerful analytics and the latest disaster information. Using the interactive map, simply click on your planned travel destination, input the length of time and dates, and Travel Risk will advise you of the location’s risk score. The risk score includes: natural disaster risk from earthquake, cyclone or volcanic eruption; a historic and current crime layer; and a health layer.

Travel Risk allows you to compare the risk scores between different locations, ensuring you can factor in safety when selecting your travel destination. In addition, you can keep up to date during your holiday by clicking “now” and the latest information will be at your fingertips. Travel Risk helps you and your travel companions to stay as safe as possible, giving you the peace of mind to relax and enjoy your trip.

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