Risk & Hazard Analytics

Catastrophe modelling companies and vendors are often a black-box when it comes to their proprietary risk models. Banks, governments and the insurance world are becoming more sophisticated in their use of models, and there is a demand for models and analytics that provide more transparency in computation of risk and understanding of the variability of results to different input parameters.
Risklayer specialises in the development of transparent, state-of-the-art hazard and risk modelling and has a suite of custom-made software tools that can be utilised worldwide for the assessment and communication of catastrophe risk. We have developed internationally recognised models for the insurance industry, national governments and megacities as well as multi-national organisations.
The following models are available for use or are possible to be produced in tandem with our group of collaborators:

  • Earthquake (Global)
  • Flood (Global* through collaboration partners, Philippines)
  • Hurricane (SE Asia, Caribbean/USA, Central America, Pacific Islands, )
  • Hailstorm (Europe excluding Germany, Australia, )
  • Bushfire (Australia, Portugal)
  • Tornadoes (USA, Europe)
  • Tsunami (Global)
  • Windstorm (Europe, Australia)

We have undertaken projects in the Oceania (Australia and Pacific), Europe, the Americas, Middle-East and throughout Asia especially in the Philippines (on Manila analyses in Quezon City and SUCCESS-CRS projects). Due to the confidential nature of many projects, our clients privacy is of utmost importance to us.