we are committed to providing our clients with understandable and tailored analytics that support their unique critical risk management decisions

risk analytics

our services in risk analytics are founded on our catastrophe loss modelling technology and databases that cover all major natural hazards as well as man-made hazards – including fire, blast and impact loading.

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    risk modelling
    we have many years of experience developing probabilistic and scenario risk models for governments, the insurance world and other companies and create tailored risk outputs whether it be for a portfolio of buildings, single sites or an entire group of countries...
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    exposure modelling
    exposure modelling is key to catastrophe loss analysis in a rapidly changing world. we provide transparent exposure estimates and tailored socioeconomic metrics at various scales of analysis using the latest methods...
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    rapid loss analysis
    we provide rapid estimates of damage and economic losses following natural disasters. The model behind our estimates has been used by various governments and cited in major publications including BBC, New York Times...
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    catastrophe loss data
    CATDAT is one of the world’s largest and most detailed historical catastrophe loss databases. it combines information from over 50,000 natural disaster events globally with 35000 events since 1900...

risk management

our services in catastrophe risk management are aimed at implementing effective disaster risk reduction solutions based on our vast experience working for megacities such as Mumbai, Istanbul, Dhaka, Kathmandu and Amman at the urban scale as well as working with governments, insurance and private sector clients.

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    disaster risk management
    we employ various participatory and software- based decision-making methods and a host of scenario- based risk outputs to guide our clients through the process of disaster risk management planning - from analyzing disaster impacts, costs and benefits of risk mitigation to strategies for recovering from disasters...
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    benchmarking and evaluation
    we specialize in developing indicators that measure risk management performance. our indicator systems reflect various dimensions of disaster resilience and are tailored to the needs of our clients - be it national or municipal governments or the private sector...
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    disaster recovery
    we have many years of experience in evaluating and advising on recovery after major disasters, ranging from post disaster damage and needs assessments, shelter needs assessments, crisis communication strategies and advising on reconstruction planning in the housing, education, hospitality and health sectors ...
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    crisis communication
    we engage with private sector, governments and local community stakeholders for the purpose of developing best-practice standards and other tools for enhancing communication strategies between these groups during a crisis …

training and capacity building

we offer training and capacity development programs on a variety of themes related to disaster risk reduction, including disaster risk analysis, risk-sensitive land use planning, crisis communication, post-disaster needs and damage assessment, and earthquake disaster mitigation. Read more

please contact us to find out more about our training programs.

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