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We have over 10 years of experience with disaster risk and resilience indicator systems and have pioneered participatory processes and software tools for designing indicator systems with the aim of supporting our clients in their DRM decision making.

We have developed participatory tools working directly with public officials and authorities in the municipal governments of Istanbul, Amman, Mumbai, Kathmandu, Quezon City and Pasig City to build monitoring and evaluation systems that support them with their urban disaster risk management; emergency and recovery planning as well as development planning and policy reform.

We provide consultation services for developing tailor-made benchmarking and evaluation systems for our clients. Some of the tools we have developed include:

Urban Disaster Risk Index (UDRi)
A risk communication tool which provides a holistic view of urban disaster risk by capturing through indices, both the direct physical damages of buildings and infrastructure. It also considers social vulnerability and lack of resilience that can aggravate the physical effects.

Disaster Resilience Index (DRI)
A monitoring and evaluation tool for benchmarking and measuring progress or lack thereof, along a city’s key development policies and processes for mainstreaming risk reduction and increasing resilience.

Resilience Performance Scorecard (RPS)
A resilience performance and management tool which measures an organization’s risk management performance, reflecting multiple dimensions of resilience including organizational, institutional, and structural actions taken to reduce risk, to prepare for crisis and to recover efficiently from disasters.


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A guidebook describing the principles, tools and practice of urban disaster risk and resilience indicator systems.
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MegaIST – The UDRi system of indicators has been applied in collaboration with the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality where a wide-scale customization and implementation of the indicator systems was undertaken.
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Indicator Toolkit for the interactive development and visualization of composite indicators.
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Global Indicator Database Handbook contains describes the creation of a socio-economic database of 216 indicators describing social and economic vulnerability sourced from a multitude of publically available resources.
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East Asia and Pacific Social and Economic Vulnerability Handbook covers the development of multiple comprehensive, spatially enabled datasets for building indicators and indices of social and economic vulnerability at the sub-national level.
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