catastrophe loss data

Risklayer has access to the CATDAT Disaster Database, one of the world’s largest and most detailed historical catastrophe loss databases developed by founding partner James Daniell since 2003. Layered historical information is at our fingertips and powers our various risk models. The CATDAT Database combines information from over 50,000 natural disaster events globally with 35,000 events since 1900, from information out of Online Archives, books, reports from institutions, scientific publications and other databases around the world, with over 30,000 original sources in over 90 languages.

We carry out on-demand studies for multi-national companies globally to determine their future risk from their disaster history. Earthquake, volcano, flood, storm, wildfire, temperature impacts have been counted. In addition, many regional databases and smaller events have also been collected outside of this data for man-made and natural perils.

As read about in over 1000 newspapers, magazines and TV broadcasts in 42 languages globally, CATDAT continues to reanalyse the past in order to examine trends for future impacts.