bringing tailored solutions and new thinking to catastrophe risk

We are an innovation group designed to tackle challenging problems in catastrophe risk analysis and management.


risk analytics

we provide transparent risk models, powerful metrics to quantify social and economic losses from natural and man-made catastrophes, including earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, volcanoes and tropical cyclones risk analytics

risk management

we take a scenario-based approach to risk management and help our clients understand their catastrophe risk and make strategic and informed decisions using cutting edge decision support methods risk management

team risklayer

James Daniell, PhD

specialist in global stochastic and real-time risk modelling for insurance and governments; as well as global data analytics, exposure and socioeconomic models james daniell

Bijan Khazai, PhD

expert in risk assessment and foresight methods in disaster management, urban disaster risk and resilience, indicator design and tool development, and decision support and multi-criteria analysis. bijan khazai

Friedemann Wenzel, PhD

expert in geophysical hazard and risk evaluation, design and implementation of early warning systems, rapid damage prognosis, risk management and decision support. friedemann wenzel

Andreas Schäfer, PhD

expert for advanced soft computing, developing self-adapting, dynamic technologies for natural hazard and risk modelling andreas schaefer

Trevor Girard, PhD

expert for risk and crisis communication, risk monitoring, reporting, training and education technologies trevor girard